4 ways to use evidence in education – and 15 places to start

Short, snappy, sane stuff from Harry Fletcher Wood, from his contribution at London Festival of Learning

Improving Teaching

Yesterday, I was privileged to be on a panel with Tom Bennett, Margaret Mulholland and Ed Chapman at the London Festival of Education, discussing why and how evidence can be of use in education.  Here are four ways I think evidence can be used, and some places we might start.


How can we use evidence in education?

1) We can look for evidence of our impact

A beautifully simple example from Stephen Lockyer exemplifies this: he thought his students were moved to ask for a tissue by seeing the box at the front of his classroom.  Moving it out of their eyesight, to the back of the classroom, he measured how much longer a box of tissues laster.  The answer: at the back of the classroom a box lasted seven times longer.  With this in mind, he started sticking rulers to his board, to act as a reminder to use them.

Essentially, I’m…

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