Teaching: What a Caŕry On

Last night I dared to break into a Twitterchat involving Andrew Old and Stuart Lock, who were uniting in antipathy towards a blog slagging off Teach First (specifically their ad, which strikes an uncomfortably patrician note in its description of the girl unlucky enough to go to ghe local  comp, where she is taught by people too jaded to see her potential. )
Judging from the next 15 hours of tweet and counter-teeet, it would appear that TF has its defenders and detractors, ready to engage in fierce battle even in this, the season of loving and forgiving, blah blah. I RTd a couple just to poke a stick at it. I really shouldn’t have.
I assume that most participants in this debate are teachers; I make the not unrelated assumption that they are also on holiday. Why then are they working so hard? Don’t we already work 55 to 60 hours per week during term time? Get a life…Have a break!
Sometime during this  xmas  fortnight I, like most others in the profession, will do some marking, plan a few lessons and keep half an eye on school emails. As I tutor colleagues doing their MA in Education, I will also be  checking in on their progress.
Enough, surely. But there I go stalking tweacher friends and adversaries, and here I am playing with my blog.
I am definitely taking tomorrow off.

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