Educational Research – Where to begin?

From @ImSporticus Excellent summary of readily avaliable educational research and sites interested in evidence-informed practice




Educational Research has always been an area I’ve stayed away from in my teaching career. I felt it was inaccessible and wasn’t really about the students I had in my school. The longer I stayed in the profession the more I saw that it was a way of organisations, who were so far removed from the classroom environment, trying to peddle another rehashed concept to make money and not really about the improvement of my teaching practice. However as I’ve begun to take on more responsibility of CPD within my school and look at my own professional development with a bit more rigour, I am beginning to see some beneficial uses.

As a teacher we have limited time time and energy to implement any changes in our practice. Educational Research is a way to ensure, if we have the energy to change anything, to help focus what we should be doing…

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