Are parents the main barrier to educational equality of opportunity?

From @StephenJMayo: a take on the grammar school debate

Educating Brentwood

In recent weeks, politicians on left and right have been queuing up to give their views on what future form the education system should take. In so doing, they have succeeded in shining a light on how fractured it has become and how much confusion there is about its purpose.

The Telegraph gave room to a call from a selection of Conservatives who seem to believe that a universal return to selection at 11 will enable what they call “greater social mobility”. This appears to echo the apparent stance of UKIP (for this week anyway) who want to allow schools to apply to become grammar schools.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Tristram Hunt proposes to legislate to make private schools collaborate with their state funded neighbours. This has had the unfortunate, and probably unintended, effect of reinforcing a view that public schools are superior.

While I think his claim that teaching is…

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