More Teacher Training Blogposts

From Chris J Read, blogposts relating to Teacher Training.

Reform Teacher Training

I’ve found most of these blogposts related to ITT via the excellent Education Echo Chamber. Please let me know of others you’ve read and enjoyed.

(a re-blog here doesn’t necessarily imply that I agree with the argument made)

Kris Boulton: Festival of Education 2014

Clio et Cetera: 90% of teacher training should be subject-specific

Consider Ed: Should we review the impact of radical unpredictability in ITE?

David Didau: What is (or isn’t) language doing in PGCE?

e=mc2andallthat: All I Really Need To Know About Teaching I Learned On My PGCE

Guild HE: Carter and the Unstoppable Teach First Machine

John Howson:  Should trainees bring benefits as well as costs?

Mark Quinn: Why we are in the PGCE game.

Radical History: Cuts to PGCE places – the most significant threat to profession yet

The Secret PGCE 

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