Deprivatisation of practice: Perhaps this should be what Tristram Hunt wants?

From bterziyski, who wastes no time converting theory to practice.


I attended the 2nd of 3 sessions on “Shifting Practice” in Enfield today. I arrived and sat with a teacher who I’d shared a table with at the 1st session. He proceeded to inform me that he’d taken an idea I’d mentioned in the previous session, introduced it at a team meeting in his school where it had been adopted with enthusiasm. He then explained that he believed that this had helped with an internal interview and his subsequent appointment to SLT.

Later in the meeting he decided to share this with the whole group. The course leader described this to us as the “deprivatisation* of practice”. I had not heard this term before but have since googled it and found some mention “out there”. It does, however, describe what many of us often find from training – that we gain a huge amount from talking about our…

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(a re-blog here doesn’t necessarily imply that I agree with the argument made)

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