Dependent Learning?

Great insights into independent learning from an RE NQT

Teaching not Preaching

One of the biggest moans in the Staff Room that I hear about Year 7 at the start of the school year is that they are so needy. So many appear to want constant approval or confirmation to perform the simplest tasks.  I only teach one Year 7 class this year, but I taught 4 last year in my training year.  In my naivety and keen-ness, I remember giving the classes a beautiful opening speech, encouraging them to ask as many questions as possible, stressing that we learn by exploring and questioning. By the first half term, I regretted these words and, through gritted teeth, reminded students to ask 3 before me, check the instructions and  to stop asking questions. Yes, these Year 7s were needy. I loved teaching them, but, my goodness, they were not independent learners.

This was before I spent a day with Year 6 in a local primary…

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