Growth Mindset Attributes

I liked this, and shared it with our SEAL coordinator. Cheers.

Class Teaching

twitterFollowing on from a previous article on growth mindset, it appears to be a topic that still holds a great deal of interest.  Of particular interest to me is how can Dweck’s ideas be used practically and effectively in a school to develop learning….and is there some way that this could be interweaved and embedded throughout the curriculum? Pete Jones (@Pekabelo) describes some great work he has been doing to develop this here.

So, I turned to Twitter.  I asked the good people of the twittersphere for some words that described students with a growth mindset – using the letters G R O W T H.  As usual the response was great and a number of people asked if the results could be shared.  So here it is……do with it what you will!


letter G

Gritty, Grafter,  Goal orientated, Galvanised, Grind

letter R

Resilient, Reflective, Reliable, Resolute, Receptive, Roused, Reactive, Ready, Responsive

letter O

Optimistic, Open, Opportunist, Ownership, Organised, Overcoming, Outward…

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